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Town Hall Meetings - Reclaiming America Through
"Single Issue" Federal Conventions

Article V of the United States Constitution reserves to the States, and its citizens, the right to "Call" for a Constitutional Convention for the purpose of amending the United States Constitution when Congress and/or the Courts refuse to address an egregious wrong suffered by the people.
Article IV, Section 4 guarantees to every State a Republican form of Government which gives each State equal standing when Calling for a Constitutional Convention.  The smaller States can reclaim the moral high ground for America without the help of Congress or the Courts.  
When the Supreme Court mandated a "constitutional amendment" from the bench in Roe vs. Wade, it created a new "Constitution", without ratification by the States.  It usurped the Constitutional authority of the States.   The only way citizens can recover Constitutional rights usurped   by the Supreme Court is through Article V and "Single Issue" Conventions.
Citizen Initiatives is advancing "Single-Issue" Conventions in all 50 States for the following proposed Constitutional Amendments:
Unborn Child Amendment   ●   Traditional Marriage Amendment   ●   Truth in the Media Amendment   ●   School Voucher Amendment   ● Balanced Budget Amendment   ●   Parental Rights Amendment   ●   Restoring the 2 nd Amendment   ●   Anti Pornography Amendment   ●   Judeo Christian Heritage Amendment
The States alone have the authority to "limit" the agenda and authority of a Federal Convention.  The States alone can Call for a "Single Issue" Convention by agreeing among themselves the purpose, terms, conditions, duration, and agenda for the Convention.  Congress does not have the authority to define a "Single Issue" Convention.  Congress' authority, under Article V of the United States Constitution, empowers it to convene a Convention as Called for and defined by the Several States.  The Several States alone have the authority to enforce the terms and conditions set forth in their Legislative Call and Agreement between the Calling States at a Single Issue Convention. 
For a discussion of Open vs. Single Issue Conventions and an accurate history of how the States controlled the agenda, proceedings and outcome of the Federal Convention in Philadelphia click   Open vs Single Issue Conventions .    Click Incremental Legislation for a discussion of why Incremental Legislation has failed to stop abortion in America.    
MEDIA EVENTS:   To schedule a Media Event with Charles Kacprowicz, National Director Citizen Initiatives, email your information to .   Tell us about your Media Event, format, date, time, location and duration.   Please include any special requirements.
TOWN HALL MEETINGS: For a schedule Town Hall Meetings click   Town Hall Meetings    If you would like to schedule a TOWN HALL MEETING in your community send us an email to:   Provide us with information about you and your group and we will contact you shortly.  
DOWNLOAD A COPY OF YOUR STATE'S OFFICIAL 12 PAGE LEGISLATIVE CALL ON CONGRESS:   Click   State Legislative Call . for a copy of your States Official 12 page Legislative Call on Congress for the Unborn Child Amendment.   The format in this Legislative Call is identical to Legislative Calls for each of the proposed Amendments listed above.  
RECLAIMING AMERICA through "SINGLE ISSUE" CONVENTIONS by Charles Kacprowicz:   To order a copy of Charles' book that promises to change America by taking back our Constitution and heritage click   Reclaiming America Book .  
STATE REDRESS PETITIONS: For a copy of your State's Redress Petition click State Redress Petitions .   To submit your personal State's Redress Petition to your State Legislators click State Legislator's Petition .   Each of the proposed Amendments listed above has its own State Redress Petition that will be delivered to State Legislators
CONGRESSIONAL REDRESS PETITION:   For a copy of your Congressional Redress Petition click Congressional Redress Petition .     To submit your personal Congressional Redress Petition click Congressional Petition click Petitions to Congress .   Each of the proposed Amendments listed above has its own Congressional Redress Petition that will be delivered to members of Congress
For a thorough discussion of the "SINGLE ISSUE" Convention strategy go to: .
Charles Kacprowicz
National Director
P.O. Box 523
Spruce Pine , NC28777-0523